Many of you will ask every morning: what can I wear to the office today? It’s not an easy question, and therefore the answer isn’t easy neither. Today’s post will help you. From the basis of a blazer, I’ve created a perfect look, masculine but sexy at the time. Though the blazer can be not long enough to wear it as a dress, we’ll have to add a short skirt, if it’s possible of the same colour, to produce the effect that we’re only wearing a long blazer. The result is elegant, but remember to combine it with sandals to give feminine touches.


Sandals: Asos – 15,99 € (sales)
Blazer: Stella McCartney – 766 € via mytheresa (sales)
Skirt: Zara – 12,99 € (sales)
Watch: Balber – 165,00 €
Notebook: Paperblanks – 22,00 €
Phone: Apple
Bag: Longchamp – 280,00 € (sales)


And this is the effect we’re looking for:


Remember to wear sexy lingerie below just in case it shows.

Hope you like the look.

Bye bye.-